Gun Debate, Episode 1

It is beyond understanding to follow the difficulty to pass a legislation that would protect the citizens of the country from the actions of deranged individuals and criminals.

However, it is expected continue this way, since the constituents usually vote for a party instead of someone who would represent their wishes. The “demagogues” in Washington who are very artful at crafting messages that are usually “sound bites” glued together by nothing more than lies, deceptions and lobbyists.

The country is blown away by the callousness, the indifference of those elected to represent the constituents’ views. According to a national poll conducted by Quinnipiac  University  and released on April 4,2013 (–centers/polling-institute/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=1877 ), 91 percent want universal gun background check. Of those numbers, 88 percent are in households with guns.

What in the world give the House of Representatives the right to go against the constituents’ wishes?

The surprise is on us, until w learn to vote for a representative rather than a party.


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