People Branc – Dec_4

Last time we really had a good discussion about the notion of conservative values; I think you may have started to see the light which gives great hope to the country as a whole.

After all, you’re not as dumb as I thought. But I still stand by what I said last time

You: Most republican constituents are dumb.

Me: Well, yes. You see, those that are in a position of power of sort: elected officials, wealthy individuals have every logical reason to take the position(s) that benefit their situation. One cannot accuse them of being dumb; that’s not to say they are not. But, how would we know?

Me: right? In any case, one can understand (not justify or condone) their behavior, their mindset. The biggest concern is the others. Those who don’t think. I go as far as saying that they cannot think for themselves; that’s why most resort to Rush or Fox for help. That’s the irony. Rush, as well as Fox & Company, are well aware that they are “spewing” garbage. That’s a job for them. That’s a way of life for them. That’s how they put food on the table. That’s how they make their millions. The disaster is that most republican constituents are DUMB enough to believe what comes out of those sources. There is nothing anyone can say that would convince them otherwise.

You: So, what makes your argument right and theirs wrong?

Me: Glad you ask! Nothing. You are getting smarter. That’s what smart people suppose to do; they’re supposed to question what others say; something as important as freedom cannot be left to be decided by the few who have no interest in preserving it. It falls on all (of us) to defend it. Because of dumbness in one side, fanaticism in another side, and indifference in yet another side, freedom is slipping away from us all.

You: that is deep. When did you become so wise?

Me: hmmm!


What would you add?

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