People Branch – Dec_3

Me: We started a great discussion last time but couldn’t finish it.

You: Well, you’re always in a hurry.

Me: True; I have so many things to do throughout the day.

Me: Let’s see. Last time, I started to explain what I mean by Republican Constituents being dumb

You: At first, you said ALL republicans

Me: Nope, don’t put words in my mouth; I never said that

You: What exactly did you say?

Me: I said republican constituents.

You: Big deal!
Me: And I rectified my statement the other day.

Me: I said most republican constituents are dumb. Listen, we can always come back to debate this; let’s look at your answer regarding conservative values

You: Ok. what about them?

Me: I am still somewhat confused as to the Conservative “qualifier”  used for the republican

You: oh!

Me: what’s conservative about <Killing someone who kills> ?

Me: You mentioned earlier something about christian faith which confuses me even more.

You: How so?

Me: Well, let’s see. Christian ought to be loving, caring and forgiving.

You: That is quite right.

Me: And yet, they rejoice at the news of someone being executed

You: I think you have a point here; I never really thought of it that way.

Me: It’s kind of backward, isn’t it?

Me: I’m sure you’ve heard news of  “so called conservatives” murdering doctors who perform abortion.

You: Not really!

Me: Where have you been, under the rocks?

You: No need to start the insult.

Me: As far as I am concerned, the word conservative should be banned from being used

You: Oh!

Me: Indeed. Pick any example and I’ll show you there is nothing conservative about republicans.

Me: By the way, let me make something clear here

You: Please do.

Me: In order to provide a frame for our conversation, I have to classify the subjects and the actors, thus democrats, republicans

Me: I have no beef with republican or democrats.

You: I am sure you have no beef with democrats; you have been talking a lot of trash about republicans with no mention of democrats at all.

Me: One subject at a time; we will address the democrats in the future

You: Sure you will.

Me: I promise. I find republicans arguments about almost everything very skewed.

You: How do you come to that broad conclusion?

Me: Well, I put republicans arguments through logic and the balance tilted fully to the nonsense side

You: whose logic do you put arguments through?

You: Yours? that’s a laugh.

Me: Oh!

You: Yeah! Why don’t you give me an example?

Me: Ok. I gave one earlier.

Me: Republicans claim to be faith based christians

You: And we are.

Me: Yet, republicans have no qualm of supporting putting someone to death.

Me: By any logic, this is a very skewed argument; If one is christian and believes in the Bible, one cannot possibly advocate for death penalty

Me: Unless…

You: Unless what?

Me: All those talks about being christian are just for show.

You: What do you mean?

Me: Well, the people who have advocated being christian do so just to be part of, but they have no conviction

Me: which brings me to the statement I made previously: republican constituents are dumb; they don’t think for themselves. They simply follow a crowd that follows

someone who doesn’t know where s/he is going; that someone is the elected official. The crowd is the constituents.

You: I can’t believe I agree with you, somewhat.

Me: Which part don’t you agree with?

You: Well, let me think…

Me: When I said that most republican constituents are dumb, it’s because I am sure that some (just a few, a handful) do think for themselves; the rest leave the

thinking to Rush Limbaugh and folks at Fox News .

Me: What an irony!

You: Mmmm!

Me: Next time you listen to an elected official, any elected official (democrat or republican), pay attention to what they say and see whether they benefit of it.

You: I understand that all elected officials are liars

Me: uhhhhh! You didn’t just say that.

You: Well, that’s true, but how could you put Rush and Fox News in the same category?

Me: Are you kidding? Tell me you’re kidding.

You: No, I am not kidding!

Me: Remember what started this conversation?

You: Why would they lie about anything?

Me: Why wouldn’t they? It’s no secret that Rush and Fox News (to name only those) are the propaganda machine for the republican party

You: I didn’t….

Me: Most republican constituents are dumb and leave the thinking to Rush and Fox News

You: Well, I am not…

Me: You’re not. Did you ever question what’s said in those networks?

You: Why are we talking about Rush and Fox News, all of a sudden?

Me: It’s not all of a sudden. I was making a point regarding republican constituents’ behavior.

Me: Even you seems to behave the same way as the others.

You: Well, I must admit that I never questioned what’s aired in those networks

Me: Do you think you’re alone?

You: Of course not.

Me: Can you see the problem?

You: Mmmm!

You: I am somewhat overwhelmed by this revelation. I must go now. Let’s reconvene tomorrow.


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