People Branch – Dec_2

Me: Last time, we were having a conversation and I made a very bold statement you construed as discriminatory; I would like to attempt to explain if you don’t mind

You: I am all ears.

Me: Do you remember what the question was?

You: Of course I do.

Me: Great! Would you refresh my memory?

You: With great pleasure.

Me: You must be in good mood today

You: Last time, you made the statement that republican constituents are dumb.

Me: I did?

You: Yep, you sure did. Can you explain?

Me: Let’s see. Why did I make such a statement? What were we talking about?

You: nothing really.

Me: Mmmm!

Me: Well, I know. I think I need to re-phrase my statement.

You: Glad to hear that.

Me: I think I made a slight mistake in making that statement; the way I see it today is that most republican constituents are dumb.

Me: I would go as far as saying that most republican constituents do not think for themselves.

You: What do you mean by that?

Me: Well, look around you. Whatever they hear on the radio, on TV or from an elected official, they outright believe it and go around repeating it.

You: Democrat constituents do the same thing too, don’t they?

Me: I am not sure about that. I think democrat constituents fall under a different category: they are fanatics.

You: same result!

Me: Not quite.

Me: Fanatics are inclined to support an idea, a point of view and be passionate about it.

You: That’s your opinion.

Me: Of course it is. Let me ask you a question

You: Shoot.

Me: Why are you republican?

You: Well, republican have conservative values and I happen to support that position.

Me: Fantastic! I am sure you heard that from someone but have no idea what that means.

You: I know exactly what I am saying.

Me: Do you?

Me Do you really?

You: You bet I do.

Me: Ok. Can you give an example of conservative values supported by republicans?

You: I can give you plenty of examples; for starter, republicans oppose abortion, so do I.

Me: What else?

You: They oppose Gay marriage, so do I.

Me: Very good. What else?

You: Republicans value christian faith, so do I.

Me: Really? I will come back to talk more about those topics you mentioned but…

Me: I am still confused as to where: a) Owning FireArms b) Supporting Death Penalty (to name only those) fall in the Conservative Values scale.

Me: Can you shed some light there?

You: Well, I.. I’m… hmm!

Me: I know, you heard someone say those are conservative values and you are simply repeating it

Me: What’s conservative about Death Penalty?

Me: Let’s reconvene again tomorrow to continue this conversation. You should have plenty of time to think.


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