People Branch Dec-1

Me: We left off last time in a hurry

You: Did we?

You: You ended the conversation, as I recall.

Me: Oh yeah. You’re absolutely right. I had to do something.

You: huh!

Me: Do you get the impression republican constituents are dumb?

You: (staring in disbelief) Do you know that I am republican?

Me: Really?

You: Yes, really.

Me: Well, I’ve always seen you as dumb. Pause.

Me: You just prove my point.

Me: is this an exercise of freedom of speech by any chance?

You: Just out of curiosity, why do you make such ridiculous statements?

You: Before you answer that, tell me, are you democrat?

Me: Not at all. I think they’re dumb too but republicans are dumber, don’t you think?

You: Back to my first question, why do you think republicans are dumb, dumber than democrats?

Me: Where do I begin?

You: Begin anywhere, please.

Me: Well, let me ask you a question.

You: Nope, answer mine first. You’re trying to evade the question.

Me: I am not. I want to answer it in a conversational approach.

Me: I don’t want to sound discriminatory.

You: (raising the voice) Are you kidding me????

You: What’s your question?

Me: Calm down. We are just conversing. There is no reason to get upset.

You: (raising the voice) I am not upset. I am … I am…

You: I am a bit upset by your ridiculous statement.

Me: Are you looking for an apology?

You: (pause) of course I am, and you should.

Me: allright, let me make my point.

You: So, you’re not going to apologize?

Me: About … ?

You: It’s folks like you that ….

Me: That what?

Me: Are you insulting me because I am black?

You: (raising the voice) Don’t you change the subject?

You: Don’t try…

You: Is that a calling card?

Me: Being insulted?

You: No. first of all, I did not insult you

You: second, you’re just trying to avoid to answer the question.

Me: What’s the question?

You: You know what, forget it.

You: I don’t have that kind of time to waste.

Me: Oh mine, look at the time. I have to go.

Me: We’ll catch up tomorrow.


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